Paint On A Smile - Face Painting Checklist

Posted By: Its In The Party Bag | Posted Date: Sunday, May 24, 2020

Paint on a Smile

Face Painters are a popular part of a child’s Birthday Party and turn any child into a superhero or roaring lion!

So to ensure that smile stays painted on here is a list check list to help your choose the right Face Painter.

  • Always check out their Website or Facebook Page.
  • Look at pictures of their work and read reviews to check that the standard is what you are happy with.
  • That they have public liability insurance.
  • When booking be clear about the number of children that are coming so that the painter can be realistic about the sort of designs they can produce. 15 faces in an hour is an industry average so 2 hours and 30 children is a realistic number for painters to quote. 
  • Most insurers will not cover painters to paint children under 3, so if you are asking a painter to paint under 3s and they agree they more than likely be breaking the terms of their insurance. Good facepainters will make you aware of this when booking or have it in their Terms and conditions. 
  • For hygiene reasons, facepainters should not paint any child that has open sores or broken skin on their faces. Those that do are not following good practice advice on health and hygiene. 
  • Remember that painters have  hidden costs such as insurance, practice and preparation time, travel, and good quality products are expensive- expect to pay between £70 and £100 depending on experience of painter. Anyone who seems to be a ‘bargain’ may not be using approved products or paying for insurance. 
  • Ask if the Face Painter requires a table or power point so you know where to place them at your party.
  • If you Event is going to be outside then your may need to supply some shade for them to work in so worth  checking this also.
  • Most Face Painters will give Children a Number painted on their hand so that you don’t have a massive queue and child missing out on the rest of the party if they don’t do this it’s a good suggestion to make to them.
  • If you are having a theme for your party then let them know as they can then plan which designs for you.
  • Also many offer UV face paints to go with UV parties.
  • We always recommend Annette at Party Paints Face Painting to Our Clients

Paint On A Smile - Face Painting Checklist
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