Party Planning Checklist - Part Four

Posted By: Its In The Party Bag | Posted Date: Thursday, February 11, 2021

We have looked a few things now for planning your party but now let’s have a look at the cost and insurance for a party.

  • How much will the venue cost?

Venues can differ in price depending on the type of venue that you hire. For example a church hall is going to be much cheaper than function room in a hotel. Depending on the type a d size of event you are holding will determine on the venue that you hire or if you want to set a certain tone for your event.

  • What is the deposit and when will the balance be due?

You will almost certainly need to pay a deposit to secure your venue. You need to check when the balance will be due as this can be anything from 6 weeks prior to your event to on the day.

  • How can you pay bank transfer, card or cash?

Depending on the venue check the ways that you can pay most places will accept any method of payment but small venues such as church halls may just take cash. Always ensure that you receive a receipt and also when the balance is due in writing.

  • Cancellation  policy?

The venue may have a cancellation policy in the event you cancel. Depending on when you cancel your event will depend on the amount of money you may lose or still have to pay. For example if your event is quite sometime away you may only lose your deposit but the nearer your event it could be that you still have to pay a percentage of the total cost. If it’s an expensive venue that you are hiring, it is best to look into insurance to cover yourself.

  • Is insurances are needed:

Venues may require Public Liability and PAT Testing Certificates from vendors that you are using. Ask the venue if they require these and if they do you need to ensure your vendors can supply these.

Clients may need to get quotes on insurance for venues depending on the cost of services offered. Share the terms and conditions of hire with an insurance insurer to review if additional cover should be taken.



Cost of The Venue:

Deposit Required:

Payment Options:

Cancellation Policy:

Are Insurances Required from Vendors:

Party Planning Checklist - Part Four
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