Party Planning Checklist - Part Seven

Posted By: Its In The Party Bag | Posted Date: Thursday, February 11, 2021

This is our final part of our journey in Party Planning.

Decorations for Your Venue

  • When can you have to access the venue?

If you wish to decorate your venue then you will need to check when you can have access. Some venues let you have access the day/evening before your event.

  • Do you have to pay for extra time?

Even if the venue allow you time to decorate then you maybe required to pay for that time so always check if there will be any additional charge.

  • What are you allow to use for decoration?

Ask you venue what you are allowed to use for decorations as some will not for example allow

real candles or table confetti. They may also no allow items to be stuck to the wall or allow you to use sellotape or blue tac.


  • Is there a noise limiter?

Some venues may have in a noise limiter in place which means the music goes above a certain level the power will cut out. You will need to inform your DJ or Band so that they can test the noise level prior to guests arriving.

  • Does music have to be turned at at certain time?

Though your venue may be open or booked until late you may still need to turn music off or played at a lower volume especially if your venue is in a residential area. 



Can you have access to decorate:

Is there a charge to have access:

What Items cannot be used as decorations:

What cannot be used to secure decorations:

Noise Limiter In Place:

Time for Music to Be Turned Off:



Party Planning Checklist - Part Seven
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