Party Planning Checklist - Part Six

Posted By: Its In The Party Bag | Posted Date: Thursday, February 11, 2021

What season is your party going to held in? So let’s discuss Outside Space, Heating and Air-Conditioning.

Outside Space

  • Is there outside space that can be used?

Some venues may have an outside that you maybe allowed to use especially if your event is in the summer or that you need some extra space for guests.

  • What can be use during in that area?

An outside area is great if you want to play games or have a BBQ. Designated smoking areas maybe available. But you will need to ask the venue what you are allowed to use that space for. 

  • Is it safe to use for everyone? 

Check that the outside area is safe for use especially for children. Are there any gates which you will need to secure to ensure children can’t escape. Is their any water such as a pond or water fountain.

Heating and Air-Conditioning 

  • Does the hall have heating or air-conditioning ?

Halls can tend to be very cold during winter months so you will need to ensure that they have heating available. On the other hand you may wish to check you have air-conditioning for the summer months.

  • Will the heating be switched on before you arrive?

Halls may not be used very often so they can get very cold so you should ensure that venue has switched the heating before you arrive so that you venue is nice and warm. 



Is There Outside Space:

Can It Be Used:

What Cannot Be Used In The Outside Space:

Smoking Area:

Is It Safe for Your Guests:

Does Venue Have Heating?

Does Venue Have Air-Conditioning?

Will Heating be Switched on Before The Event?

Party Planning Checklist - Part Six
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