Week In The Life Of Hannah

Posted By: Its In The Party Bag | Posted Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Week in The Life of Hannah
People think that when you work for yourself that you have it easy. Long lie ins and late nights! 

Well apart from the odd PJ day I have!! Running your business is hard work and in fact lots of early mornings and late nights.

This is what I do on an average week:

So after a weekend of events the first thing that I have to do is to sort through all items that went out for events.

These all have to be washed, cleaned and checked for any damage. These are then all returned to our storage unit. 

I look at bookings for the week, see what items are required, stock checked and items ordered where required.

Confirmation messages are sent to clients 2 days before their event to let them know what time we will be arriving to set up and also what time we will collect items if they are being used for the whole of the event such as our Sweet Carts or Flower Walls.

Any bookings that have been made over the previous week that require me to contact the venue will be called to find out what time we are able to access a venue and when we would need to collect the items. This information is then forwarded to the client.

Contracts for any bookings need to be printed and sent out to the clients and any signed contracts that have been returned filed into the clients folder.

Social Media posts are scheduled at the start of the month on our business page but daily posts are made each day on other social networks and also ad hoc posts about events we attend and other things of interest.

When preparing for an event this all starts 2 days before we attend the actual event. Day 1: All items required for the event are collected from our storage unit. Everything is cross checked against the clients requests. The client and venue are then contacted to confirm arrival and collection times. Day 2: Anything that requires dressing such as our sweet jars and post boxes this is all completed so everything is nice and fresh. Then everything is loaded into the van.

Day of Event: Traffic on the route is checked to ensure that we arrive on time. Once everything is set-up we take photos for our portfolio and to send to the client.

I work on my fortnightly blog that I post and also our monthly newsletter.

I touch base with venues that I work with to see how they are and let them know any updates for any clients I’m working with at their venue and also to let them know any new services we are now providing.

I research current trends for parties, weddings and other events to see if we should be introducing any new services or update how we currently provide services. 

General admin such as replying to emails, social media messages, giving quotes, answering phones calls and messages.

Checking on deliveries for events and making sure they meet the requirements.

Client or venue meetings to discuss events and then planning and discussing plans with them. 

Every week is different and brings different challenges but I love what I do and seeing the end results makes it all worth it!

Week In The Life Of Hannah
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